Clay Rivers Sure, Dr. King was the man for the job. A physicist could make an effective elementary school math teacher, but I would argue that would be a waste of a degree. In the same way, I believe Dr. King’s talent far exceeded the task he took up.

I understand what you are asking, and I do not mean to be a contrarian, but your question begins with America’s mistreatment of blacks. It was not inevitable.

I do not think the bigots and racists of American history were, as you put it, “dim in thought.” I think they knew all too well what they were doing. My point was to say that Dr. King would have better served himself and his country if America had adopted a level of basic human decency so that he could devote his time, energy, and talent to entrepreneurial or political pursuits. I wanted to focus on the loss, which I believe is often overlooked during the celebration of Dr. King’s extraordinary accomplishments. What was stolen from Dr. King and America is incalculable, and thinking about it makes me angry and sad.

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Columnist @TheAugustan

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