Killing Black Males

FBI crime statistics from 2015 show that blacks were responsible for roughly 90 percent of black homicides. Whites shared a similar statistic. Whites were responsible for around 80 percent of white homicides. And roughly 90 percent of all murders were committed by men. A statistic unique to blacks was the leading cause of death in 2015. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the leading cause of death among black males between ages 15 and 34 was homicides.

These are years that many young men are graduating from high school, entering college or the military, starting businesses, or joining the workforce. These are also years that young men could be starting families. Some may wrongly use race-based homicide statistics to justify police misconduct or mistreatment of any black male. Still, I do not believe that black males are powerless vessels with no authority over their lives. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once put it, there are some things that “nobody else can do for us.”

What can black males do for themselves to change these disturbing trends? Perhaps the answer is nothing. Let’s be clear about what that means. It means that black males must be saved. It means that without outside intervention, mothers will continue to be robbed of their sons, and sons will continue to be robbed of their fathers. And communities across America will continue to be stripped of whatever creativity, genius, and beauty within the lifeless bodies covered in blood-soaked blankets on the streets. And the grieving families surrounding all of these bodies will continue looking for reasons only to discover that they are beyond senseless.

“I come from a place when you kill your own brother, you can brag.
Like he got bodies, but that’s a fad, no, that’s a fact.” — Meek Mills

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